What is the tariff rate of logistics in Brazil Time:2021-7-15

I believe that the sellers who have a certain understanding of the logistics and transportation from China to Brazil know that the customs clearance in Brazil is relatively difficult, and it is relatively easy to generate tariffs. If you want to avoid it, then you must understand Brazil's tariff policy, in order to avoid more risks.

First of all, Brazil stipulates that import duties and other taxes shall be paid on imported goods, regardless of individuals or business entities. All import taxes are calculated on the basis of freight value, i.e. CIF, and state sales tax, federal tax, etc.

Brazil's tariff rate is between 0% - 35%, and the starting point is US $50. If the value of imported goods by mail or express mail is between us $50 and US $3000, fixed and unified import tax shall be paid, which is 60% of the CIF price of imports.

Want the goods to go through the customs clearance in Brazil

We need to get this information ready

Commercial invoice (2 copies);

Certificate of origin;

Meat and dairy products, as well as plants,

should have a health and quarantine certificate certified by the consul.

In terms of shipping, freight must be shown on the bill of lading for goods exported to Brazil, and telex release bill of lading and seaway bill are not accepted for customs clearance in Brazil.

Remember that the invoice information must be consistent with the actual goods. Otherwise, if it is found by the Brazilian customs, the goods will be detained, which will have a greater impact.