Special line (built-in battery / general cargoes)

Brazil special line (built-in battery/general cargo)is a cross-border B2C & C2C direct mail line service developed by Anjun logistics, which focuses on China to Brazil lane. Through the mode of air cargo + Pre-EDI cargo transfer to postal customs clearance at destination + local postal express delivery, Brazil special line service provides Chinese sellers and platform goods with tax-free direct mail line service within 50 US dollars for entering Brazil and provide a customized logistics solutions for commodities with sales price less than US $3000 to enter the Brazilian market.

Product advantages:

•Pre-custom clearance through EDI Electronic, Brazil import postal customs clearance;

•A strong after-sales customer service team in Brazil provides support on customs clearance, tax payment, transshipment and delivery services;

•Perfect risk & error control management mechanism

•Fixed ULDs for basic cargoes and sufficient space guarantee;

•Local transshipment,return & dispatch service in Brazil.

Delivery range: whole Brazil
Timely delivery rate of the product: 94% within 30 days +

Weighing mode: charge in weight break per parcel

Weight limit: 0-30kg

Volume limit:

The calculation method of volume weight is: length * width * height / 6000 and the higher one of volume or actual weight will be taken as chargeable weight;

 Prohibited Articles:

Appearance sensitive products: controlled knives and controlled products. Such as martial arts sword, dagger, toy gun, etc;

Large scissors: scissors products over 15cm;

Pure lithium battery: pure lithium battery, pure lithium-ion battery, Ni-MH battery, power bank, mobile power supply, etc;

Pure dry battery: pure dry battery, soda battery, button battery and other non rechargeable, non reusable pure batteries;

High power built-in battery products: mainly 800 Ma, power over 100 W · h, No. 7 battery (excluding No. 7 battery), and built-in battery products with solar function.

With oil products: oil massage waist belt, nail polish, liquid glue and so on (alcohol);

Lighter products: lighter, cigarette lighter;

 Balance car:

•refers to balance car, torsion car, unicycle such products;

Prohibited brand products: the specific brand shall be subject to the online records of Customs intellectual property protection;

Other prohibited items: counterfeit counterfeit goods, spray containers, alcoholic liquids, asbestos, butane lighter, medical waste, toxic substances, corroded items, counterfeit banknotes, medicines, dry ice, etc. Inflammable and explosive materials, powders, liquids, obscene materials, magnetic materials exceeding standards, oxides and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, soluble paints and coatings; Guns, drugs, controlled knives, tobacco and alcohol, cash and securities and other national laws clearly stipulate prohibited articles..

Tariff related:

Do not accept packages with declaration amount higher than US $3000 temporarily;

Value added services:

Insurance related: please purchase your own insurance for valuables, and our company can provide insurance agency services.

Return related:

this channel provides Brazilian local return address and return warehouse service. If the first delivery is unsuccessful, it can provide free communication with buyers and arrange the second delivery service; If the package is returned to our return warehouse, you can apply for changing the face sheet and address for re delivery. There is an additional fee for changing the face sheet and delivery. This channel does not provide the service of returning to China; There is no charge for abandoned goods;