ANJUN Brazil special line
    Anjun Brazil special line is a B2C cross-border logistics solution jointly developed by Anjun logistics and LEVE, a subsidiary of Ebanx, the largest cross-border collection and payment company in Latin America. The purpose is to help Chinese cross-border sellers break the bottleneck of package entering Brazil, ensuring fast and safety of cross-border packages entering Brazil, and improve the delivery rate of packages. The main customer groups are cross-border platforms, independent station and third-party platform sellers operating in Brazil. The products are mainly coming from Hong Kong airport and the pre-customs clearance will be transferred through EDI. At GRU, the freight will be transferred from freight to post and trucked to Curitiba for customs clearance. If CIF price is within 50 US dollars, then it will be duty-free. The whole track can be traced and the final mile is using CORREIOS standard delivery service of Brazil post.