Brazil special line MINI service

The mini package of Brazil post is an economic product and applicable for special line; Designed and launched by Anjun logistics for 0-300g light packages in the market. The service target customers are cross-border e-commerce platforms, independent station and third-party cross-border sellers. The service product attributes are 0-300g (especially 0-150g) light packages. The products are custom cleared by the way of freight transferred to postal service, and the packet delivery service of CORREIOS is used for the final mile. Anjun logistics (Brazil) Co., Ltd. provides the ground service and after-sales customer service at the destination, which is fast and cost-effective.

Receiving weight: 0-300g,

Receiving size: 24 * 16 * 4cm

Applicable for: built-in battery & general cargoes

Sorting mode:

manual sorting with special mini packet sorting box

Attention required:

1. When the goods are delivered to us, the mini package should be packed separately, so as to avoid the unrecognizability of the package;

2. This channel does not accept pure batteries, e-cigarettes, imitation brand and other prohibited goods;

3. Due to the strict requirements of package size, please do a good pre-sorting of the package size before the arrival of goods. If the package does not meet the requirements during our sorting, our company will automatically switch to the standard operation of general goods of the Brazil special line;

Track query:

Brazil's import tax policy:

1. According to Brazilian Ministry of Finance Decree No. 156 / 1999: international postal parcels with the maximum amount of US $50 (or any other equivalent) and the sender and receiver are individuals can be settled under the condition of exemption from import tax;

2. If the declared amount is more than US $50 but not more than US $3000, the import duty of 60% can be applied for settlement;

3. If the declared sales value is intentionally low, a fine of 1.5 times of the tax payable shall be imposed on the basis of paying the import tax.

Loss compensation:

Please buy your own insurance for valuables. Our company can provide insurance agency service. The insurance standard charge is 1% of the declared sales price. The compensation standard for

lost items is as follows:

A.For not insured products. If the goods are lost before they arrive at the post office of the destination country, our company will pay 70% of the sales price, but the freight cost will not be refunded, and the maximum compensation will not exceed RMB200 / parcel; If the goods are lost after they arrive at the post office of the destination country, our company will make every effort to support appeal to the post office of the destination country for compensation, but we will not bear the additional compensation for the loss or damage of the goods;

B. For insured products, the compensation shall be made according to the insurance standard, but the maximum compensation shall not exceed the sales price of the platform, and the freight will not be refunded for the compensated packages;