Registered parcel of Brazil Post

The registered parcel of Brazil post is an economic direct mail parcel line developed by Anjun logistics for economic parcels whose sales price is less than 18 US dollars (especially 6-12 US dollars) to enter the Brazilian market. It is characterized by further optimization on the basis of the original postal products, exemption of Brazil international postal operation fee at the time of entry, independent airfreight transportation and ground handling operation, by simplifying the final operation process and implanting customs clearance assistance and after-sales customer service. On the one hand, the transit time of registered packages is improved, on the other hand, the logistics cost is greatly reduced.

Applicable & advantages:

1. Applicable for packages with sales price less than $18;
2. Packages weighing less than 450g has obvious advantages;
3. Free operation fee of Brazil international post (BRL15 /parcel)
4. The whole track can be traced, and each operation node has a special person to follow up;
5. Can provide return logistics operation,
6.Can provide after-sales customers service to follow up and deal with abnormal problems in delivery and customs clearance


1. Weight limit: 0-2kg,
2. Dimensions: length + width + height ≤ 90cm, unilateral length ≤ 60cm; The length of the cylinder cannot be more than 90cm and the diameter cannot be less than 5cm;
3. We can accept built-in battery/general cargoes, but cannot accept pure batteries, imitation brand products or any inflammable or prohibited cargoes;

Volume weight charging standard:

1. If the length + width + height is less than 45cm and the volume weight is less than 2 times of the actual weight, the actual weight shall be charged and the volume weight shall not be counted;
2. If the length + width + height ≤ 45cm, and the volume weight after length * width * height / 6000 is more than twice the actual weight, the volume weight shall be taken as the chargeable weight;
3. For goods with length + width + height > 45cm, the volume weight shall be calculated. The calculation method of volume weight is: length * width * height / 6000, and the higher one of volume weight or actual weight will be taken as chargeable weight.

Track & trace:

Brazil's import tax policy:

1. According to Brazilian Ministry of Finance Decree No. 156 / 1999: international postal parcels with the maximum amount of US $50 (or any other equivalent) and the sender and receiver are individuals can be settled under the condition of exemption from import tax;

2. If the declared amount is more than US $50 but not more than US $3000, the import duty of 60% can be applied for settlement;

3. If the declared sales value is intentionally low, a fine of 1.5 times of the tax payable shall be imposed on the basis of paying the import tax.

Loss compensation:

Please buy your own insurance for valuables. Our company can provide insurance agency service. The insurance standard charge is 1% of the declared sales price. The compensation standard for lost items is as follows:

A.For not insured products. If the goods are lost before they arrive at the post office of the destination country, our company will pay 70% of the sales price, but the freight cost will not be refunded, and the maximum compensation will not exceed RMB200 / parcel; If the goods are lost after they arrive at the post office of the destination country, our company will make every effort to support appeal to the post office of the destination country for compensation, but we will not bear the additional compensation for the loss or damage of the goods;
B.B. For insured products, the compensation shall be made according to the insurance standard, but the maximum compensation shall not exceed the sales price of the platform, and the freight will not be refunded for the compensated packages;