Brazil special line for sensitive cargoes

Anjun logistics designed and launched the sensitive channel for the popular cosmetics category in Brazil's cross-border e-commerce market. The first mile of air transportation uses the airfreight box for dangerous goods and special airlines and the professional personnel with certificate of handling dangerous goods completes the air transportation according to the standard process of dangerous goods. The final mile uses the dedicated channel of Brazil post to complete the customs clearance and delivery service, which is a rare special line for sensitive products to enter the Brazil market.

Applicable & advantages:

1. It is suitable for cosmetic products, including powder, paste and liquid products;
2. It can accept kitchen tools (with protective cover, no bare tools);
3. It is safe, reliable and compliant to the DG regulation to use the air transport for the first mile;

Attention required:

1. Powder products are required to provide non-toxic commitment before delivery;
2. Liquid products are required to be free of alcohol, no flammability or explosivity;
3. Only kitchen knives are accepted. Protective cover is required. No bare knives are accepted
4. All sensitive products must be in sealed package, no risk of leakage;
5. Drugs and health care products are not accepted,
6. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) documents are required when some products are transported for the first time.